Friday, July 3, 2009

Hyvä Heljä, tein tämän erikoisen lahjan juuri sinulle!


  1. Hello Blanca! This is so wonderful! I just woke up and called straight to my mom and she visited immediatedly here in your blog (my mom is "Raisio" in Feedjit list)She was so happy and amazed to see her own name and language and those pictures just for her =))))) She wanted me to thank you very much and also that your pictures give her great joy. I shall visit her after 2 weeks when my summerholiday begins and she told that she wants to send you also a gift,a piece her artwork. We both truly are very lucky having you our special art friend!!! We both wish you a very nice holiday weekend!!!!

  2. I really love these images!! So lovely!! Thanks for sharing!!