Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marie Antoniette Pictures!!


  1. How lovely; thanks for sharing!!! It is so generous of you to post these for us to use. Very much appreciated.

  2. Thanks Blanca! A girl can't have too much Marie! Sally

  3. Blanca, my mom got your package today!!!!!!Thank you, thank you a million times :))))
    I am so excited about it and mom is also. When mom called to me I first couldn´t understand a word because she talked so fast and loud at the same time:DDD. After that she described me all your amazing gifts very carefully and now I can´t wait to see them:)) You are such a generous Art friend.I shall send you a suprise gift made by me and something vintage made in Finland..You made my day!

    Hugs, Minna and Heljä