Friday, January 20, 2012

COLLAGE Image for You! From Megan!Free images for You to use in Your Art!


  1. Sweet. Thanks a bunch. I wish I had your talents in making these images!♥♫

  2. awesome, thank you for these ready to use tags!!

  3. I love these.
    I am finding though, that my printer does not copy in the lovely colors you have, but tend to turn them pinkish, or orangish. =(
    Not sure what to do about that, so, no more of your cuteness.......=( again.

    love what you put together though.

    sweet blessings

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my Valentine's Day gift tags here! What an honor! Barbara Jean ~ I actually like the way the tags printed out, but I'm working on making a few different versions, one with neutrals and the other with more vivid colors... hopefully they will print out better for you :) Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated!

  5. Oh, thanks! I'm in my mind to make some vintage tangs like these when I have time. Soon, I hope :-S Thanks for sharing, they're beautiful!

    Big hugs from Freee Vintage Images :-)

  6. Hi Bianca, a friend told me about your site. I just adore these images. WOW thats an understatement!!! I think you must have been born in the wrong era. I have just "Followed" your blog & I will definately be back.
    Cheers Di xo